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Ereignisse in Stellaris beschränken sich nicht nur auf Anomalien, die man im Weltraum findet. Eine andere Gruppe von Ereignissen, die einem im Spiel immer wieder über den Weg laufen sind sogenannte Kolonialevents. Der Begriff ist recht eindeutig, es handelt sich um Ereignisse, die auf den Kolonien geschehen können. Wir hoffen damit den Planeten ein wenig Identität und Einzigartigkeit zu geben.

Manche Events stellen Situationen dar, auf die man auf verschiedene Weisen reagieren kann und in vielen Fällen wird man sich mit den (negativen oder positiven) Folgen beschäftigen müssen, wenn passende Folge-Ereignisse eintreten, manchmal mehrere Jahre später.


Beispiele (unten in Erzählform):

  • Aufgezählter Listeneintrag
  • Kolonie spurlos verschwunden
  • Kolonie findet Roboter, die ihnen beim Abbau von Mineralien helfen
  • Kolonie gräbt intaktes Schlachtschiff aus
  • Kolonie findet Terraforming-Gerät und nutzt es -> aber Erschaffer des Geräts haben Ammoniak geatmet
  • Von unterirdischer Zivilisation versklavt
  • Von unbekanntem Raubtier vernichtet

Minutes from the Board of Inquiry into the loss of colony NSD-578 (New Albion) 2279.244, 14:01 hours local station time

GIDDINGS, AMANDA (Advocate General, ISFA) State your name for the record, please.

BORLAND, S. ERIC (PN-2344-D-1) Eric Borland.

GIDDINGS You served as the planetary governor of NSD-578, otherwise known as ‘New Albion’ to its inhabitants, for a period of seven years. Is this correct?


GIDDINGS As I’m sure you’re aware, all contact was lost with New Albion four months ago, less than a year after your governorship ended. The relief expedition, led by the cruiser Vikramaditya, found no trace of the colonists.

BORLAND I am aware of this, yes.

SWEENEY, LEONARD (Senior Representative, RCC) We were hoping that you would be able to shed some light on what happened, Mr. Borland. The disappearance of an entire colony with over 100,000 inhabitants is a source of… some concern to us, as I’m sure you understand.

BORLAND As I’ve said at all the other hearings you’ve put me through, these are things that can happen when you colonize a new planet. How many times do you want me to say this? There are always risks involved, especially when a colony is young!

ISHIKAWA, MIYU (Junior Commissioner, GTSA) Would you care to elaborate?

BORLAND It’s very simple. We are dealing with planets that are completely alien. Their ecosystems are still being mapped, and in many cases the planets in question have been visited, or even inhabited, by other spacefaring cultures.

ISHIKAWA I’m not sure I see how this pertains to the situ-

BORLAND The orbital surveys our Science Ships perform only reveal the tip of the iceberg. Once your colony starts growing, and you have thousands of colonists running around in the wild building settlements, you will sometimes run into things that weren’t in the survey reports. Look at what happened on Las Veredas, for example.

SWEENEY I’m not quite up to speed on events from that sector. What exactly happened there?

HAGNER, L. TIMOTHY (Senior Investigator, BRSF) I believe they found an old drone on the surface.

BORLAND Not just one - there was a whole fleet. The drones evidently thought our colony belonged to whoever had originally built them, as they began to sporadically assist our colonists by gathering minerals and terraforming uninhabitable sections of the surface.


SWEENEY But it sounds like that had a positive effect on the development of the Las Veredas colony. What happened on New Albion is quite the opposite.

BORLAND Of course it is, you pompous fool! We’re dealing with the unknown here! Our colonists will sometimes find that the planet they settled is even more valuable than the initial survey indicated, like when prospectors on Acrisia unearthed an intact battleship.

HAGNER Really now, Mr. Borland, you need to -

BORLAND Other times, the outcome can be disastrous, like when the colonists of Xianyang activated that ancient abandoned terraforming equipment, only to discover that the aliens who built it breathed ammonia!

GIDDINGS Sit down, Mr. Borland! Sit down, or I will have security restrain you -

BORLAND So what do I think happened on New Albion? I haven’t the slightest idea! Maybe the colonists were enslaved and brought underground by some kind of subterranean civilization. Maybe they were all consumed by a type of predator that hadn’t been encountered before! All I know is that while you’re sitting here safe and sound on your fat asses in low Earth orbit, there are… no, get your hands off me! Let me finish! There are colonists out there who -

GIDDINGS Remove Mr. Borland from the room! The rest of us will reconvene in ten minutes.

BORLAND <unintelligible shouting>


Nächste Woche schreibt der Game Director Henrik "Doomdark" Fåhraeus über Krieg, Frieden, Einfluss und Ansprüche!

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